COSAR maintains a fleet of vehicles and specialized equipment to provide SAR services in the Central Okanagan.

Primary Response Truck (K1)
K1 is our primary response vehicle, and is used each time the team is called upon. It transports our medical gear, rope rescue gear, communications equipment, and many other essential items required for an efficient and effective SAR response. The vehicle also acts as a mobile command post for our incident management team during small responses.

Secondary Response Truck (K2)
K2 is our secondary response vehicle, and is often used when our assistance is requested by other SAR teams. This vehicle transports our backup and logistics gear.

Mobile Command Centre (K3)
2011 International chassis with custom ITB box.
K3 is our mobile command post, and is used during large SAR responses. This vehicle acts as a mobile communications and command centre for the incident management team. It is equipped with communications, networking, and office equipment to facilitate the planning and management components required during a search.

Sweatman (26' Landing Craft)
The Sweatman is our primary response boat serving Okanagan Lake. It is a 26' landing craft manufactured by Silver Streak Boats in Sooke, BC. The front loading deck allows an ATV to be loaded and transported to remote locations. The boat is also outfitted for medical transport of patients and surface support for underwater searches. The Sweatman is ready for deployment on Okanagan Lake year-round, and is moored at Kelowna Yacht Club.

Titan (RIB)
The Titan is our primary response boat for Wood Lake, Kalamalka Lake, and the mountain lakes in our region.

COSAR maintains a fleet of 4 ATVs on two trailers during the snow-free season. ATVs are essential for transporting SAR personnel in the backcountry.

We maintain a fleet of 4 snowmobiles on a large trailer, which are used for personnel transport during the winter season.

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Rescue Toboggan (can be used with ATVs or Snowmobiles)
  • Recco Rescue System
  • Radio Direction Finder